According to Cambridge English Dictionary reading can be defined as the skill or activity of getting information from books.
Reading is the oldest and longest sole personal entertainment for many people and still continues to be an source of personal entertainment and has many benefits.

Some of them are :
(1) Reading on a regular basis has proven a way to lower stress level
•Reading requires focus.concentrating over every word and focussing to understand the story line distracts your mind from mental pressure.Thus helping your mind to attain to certain mental relaxation.

(2) Reading can cure Depression
•Reading can help ward-off depressive occurrences.Reading self-help books has proven very effective.Just with your lowering stress-levels reading stimulates the part of the brain that deals with depression.

(3) Reading sharpens your mind
•Due to focus on words and the story line.It stimulates mind and help in sharpening your mind and increase concentration.

(4) Reading improves knowledge memory and focus
•Reading self-help books can impart a great part of knowledge.
Every one can learn something new from reading books be it new words or facts etc.It also improves the functioning of memory.It peaks interest in readers and helps to increase the power to focus for longer time.

Books are considered one of the biggest source of knowledge.
There happens to be a wide varieties of books written by different authors on different genres.
Some people might consider reading as a hobby and some reads in order to gain knowledge but the primary purpose of reading is always to impart knowledge.

A book can primarily be categorised in very two forms:

(1) Fictional
(2) Non-Fictional

• Fictional books are basically based upon thriller, sci-fi etc. Some facts may be based on truth or real facts but not entirely.

• On the other hand Non-fictional might include social themes or biographies etc.

There might be different types of genres. For eg:

(1) Drama
(2) Satire
(3) Anthology
(4) History
(5) Children
(6) Travel
(7) Guide
(8) Poetry
(9) Encyclopedia
(10) Cookbooks
   And Many More....

Reading has done wonders to cope up with anxiety.

Some ways are:
(1) Reading causes mental relaxation which results with lowering of heart rate.

(2) Reading relaxes physically too.

(3) Reading can create another fictional world which can act as a way for lot of anxiety fighters to escape reality and hence helps distracting mind from real world problems for some time.

(4) Reading helps you give different perspective over different situations and helps you understand other people's experiences and create opportunities to learn from it.

Hence that is why it is said
           A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one- George R.R Martin