Shubho Nobo borso! 
Pahela baishakh or shubho nobo borso is Bengali New Year which marks the first day in Bengali Calendar 
This is year 1427 according to Bengali Calendar and this falls on April 14th in Bangladesh and is celebrated as a national holiday
This is also celebrated in Indian states on 14th and 15th april.
In Indian states such as West bengal,Tripura,Assam And Northern odisha people tend to clean their houses And decorate them with Alpona (Rangoli) and worship Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi.
People start this day by taking blessings from the elders in the family and by sharing love with the younger ones.
People also visit river Ganga To take their ritual baths and to embark a journey with pure and kind heart on a New year.
One can Witness cultural programmes and Small fairs can be seen in almost all villages in these states.
People usually wears new clothes on this day.
Traditional Bengali Delicacies are prepared and also sweets are purchased and exchanged among friends and family.